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Tricia post on December 3rd, 2012

Acupuncture is very helpful in treating various painful conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, arthritis and sciatic pain.

Acupuncture can also be used to aid in weight loss as it stimulates metabolism and helps reduce the appetite.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a safe and effective way to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

Other conditions acupuncture is effective in treating are anxiety, insomnia, addiction recovery – substance withdrawl, warts and aiding the body more gently through chemotherapy and cancer recovery.

I am an acupuncturist because I passionately believe in what it can do for people.  Not only does it have the power to reduce our aches, pains and all other symptoms we have on the surface of our bodies but it also has the ability to balance what is happening on the inside of our bodies and mind.  Through years of yoga practice and acupuncture treatments, I have learnt that what we do to our physical bodies has the power to affect our minds.  Acupuncture helps solve the root of the issue of why certain ailments keep happening to us.  Our health is an outward reflection of our thoughts.  We think that because we have always been a certain way, we have to stay that way.  But that is not so, we do have the power to change our lives and our health and acupuncture is a valuable resource to help you make those changes.  The basic philosophy of acupuncture is to balance the body and it’s functions, to help it work at the best level possible for your current age and circumstances.  Your health then becomes a journey for you to learn more about yourself and how to keep your body in balance.  You can learn not just what acupuncture does for you but how to give yourself the best care you can.  One of my patients with breast cancer and going through chemothearapy said it best “I don’t view me getting breast cancer as a bad thing!  I have never taken this much time in my entire life to look after myself.”  Your body has an incredible ability to heal itself but it is up to you to have some faith and give it that chance.

Tricia Miller

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