Tricia post on December 15th, 2012

From Kelly Opper, Edmonton AB

“Tricia has the innate ability to know her patients, not only in a physical way, but holistically as well.  She is intuitive in her approach and her treatments have always left me in a better place.  She is a healer, a teacher and a guide.  I trust her knowledge of our bodies and what they are made to do.  She is gentle, warm and truly an inspiration.”


From Connie Klippenstine, Avonlea SK

“I had severe planters warts and had tried all the normal avenues to try and get rid of them, after trying every home remedy out there and all cross the counter treatments to no avail I went to the medical Doctors who after some treatment told me to try a Pediotrist. The first Doctor I tried told me there was nothing they could do for me as they were to bad so I tried another clinic where I received treatments for weeks at a cost of 60.00 per treatment and finally they told me I should maybe try something else as the treatments were not helping.  Then I found Tricia and acupuncture!  It took some time and a couple of treatments and  the warts disappeared completely! A year or so after my treatments my niece got planters warts, she also tried every treatment available but hers became much worse than mine so we took her to Tricia.  She has had 2 treatment and is going to have a couple more but they are almost completely gone.”


From Charla Majeran, Edmonton AB

“I loved my treatments from Tricia.  I was suffering from neck pain and went to her seeking relief from that.  I always felt so fantastic at the end of our sessions.  It was like getting my batteries recharged every week which was a much needed benefit in addition to pain relief.”