Herbs and Natural Medicine are included in the Acupuncture treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment

Dr. Antoinette Pua’lani Barbour (aka Dr. Pua), is a holistic chiropractic doctor integrating acupuncture, nutrition, and healing herbs to support patients in maintaining total alignment and harmony. Passionate about health and wellness, she believes health begins in the womb. There is a fundamental belief in chiropractic philosophy that states, “The Power that made the body Heals the body,” provided interference is not present. 

 She is very insightful and understands the importance of addressing imbalances and asymmetry in the body mind system. Diversified methods may include chiropractic care, acupuncture, soft tissue or Tuina, gua sha, cupping, e-stim, moxa, nutrition, and herbal recommendations. Gifted with a gentle healing touch and vast array of knowledge, she can help clear interference and restore the flow of vital energy to your whole being.

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